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Direct Investments by EU Countries in Georgia (ml. USD)

























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Development and Reforms Foundation

The highlight and front page of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is asking for help. They're not too shy in asking for it either.

Development and Reforms Foundation launches new urgent Program – "Unite as we stand"
Print Version

Due to the fact that Georgia is under the war conditions with the initiative of the President of Georgia and Government of Georgia the Development and Reforms Foundation launches new urgent Program – "Unite as we stand”. The main aim of the program is to facilitate any kind of activities concerning the social – economical rehabilitation of Georgia after the war.

"DRF” is welcomes all donations and support from abroad and from local donators on its special accounts.

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The sheer hypocrisy of Bush and Rice

Were it not for the unadulterated arrogance of George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice, their sheer hypocrisy would be laughable, yet due to their brazen instrusiveness and insolence, their very presence rankles, their words grate in the ears. Their messages cannot go unanswered.

Georgia declares war on South Ossetia
Explosions continue to terrorize Russia's Black Sea coast
Prons and cons of vegetarianism

Stunning photos of tigers under the water

Here we have a George W. Bush and a Conzoleeza Rice, with expressions of total preoccupation on their faces (are they worried about the implication of US military advisors in the act of butchery perpetrated by Georgian forces against ethnic Russians and Ossetians, when in one night 2.000 civilians were slaughtered?), speaking about the need to adhere to international law at the beginning of the 21st century.

Here we have a President and his Secretary of State condemning Russia and supporting Georgia without one single word of mention of the Georgian war crimes which started this whole sorry affair. Not one single word of mention about the obligation Georgia had to hold a referendum in Abkhazia and South Ossetia under the terms of the Soviet Constitution, namely as regards its provisions for the voluntary dissolution of the Union or secession of Member States.

Here we have two senior members of a regime which entered Iraq based upon a tissue of lies, which then declared that the goal was regime change and which proceeded to mastermind a kangaroo court which changed the judges numerous times until who they purport as being His Excellency President Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti was hanged by the neck. Then they complain about Russia wanting to remove that criminal murderer, Saakashvili?

They have the audacity to complain about Russia violating Georgia’s frontiers, when the US armed forces invaded Iraq and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians? They have the cheek to complain about Russian military operations when cluster bombs were dropped into civilian areas in Iraq, when prisoners were tortured in Abu Ghraib, when innocent people were rounded up and sent to the illegal concentration camp at Guantanamo, where they did not even have access to a due legal process?

They have the sheer, pig-headed arrogance to speak about the territorial integrity of Georgia, when Iraq was invaded outside any norm of international law, its civilian structures were targeted with military hardware and reconstruction contracts were doled out without tender to White House cronies?

Suppose Russia claimed that it wanted regime change in Georgia, invaded the country, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of its citizens, deployed WMD in civilian areas, raped and tortured prisoners, caught Saakashvili and hanged him? Morally, Bush, Rice and their entire odious and satanic regime would not be able to say a single word without the label “hypocrisy” choking them in their throats.

How can these two, the Riddler and the Joker of international politics, the Himmler and Torquemada of modern diplomatic history, be expected to be taken seriously? Do they really think that there is a single human being on this planet who does not sneer in derision and stick up his middle finger every time they appear on a TV screen?

Hypocrites! Don’t cast stones if you have roofs made of glass. What the USA did in Iraq was a thousand times more than what Russia is doing in Georgia, namely launching a punitive raid after the slaughter of 2.000 of its citizens by the forces George Bush and Condoleeza Rice’s armed forces train. And these two do not even have the decency to refer to Georgia’s war crimes. How low can you get?

How about sending more military advisors to Georgia, since the hundreds they had there did such a wonderful job? Like their politicians, the US armed forces are a joke, no more than a bunch of murdering callous torturers belonging more in a medieval torture chamber than in the 21st century.


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Gordon' Brown and the new gaf

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown says there is "no justification" for Russia's military
action in Georgia.
He also was quoted as saying:"Continued aggression against Georgia - and especially an
escalation of the conflict beyond South Ossetia - will only serve to damage Russia's
international reputation"

Oh the irony! If only he stopped to look at himself for just a moment. Let's reflect for a few moments what exactly this guy and his party have done while on their watch.

Iraq, Afganistan, possibly Iran, (which looks likely at this time).

Even David Cameron has got involved and should be embarrassed. Not even worth quoting him to be honest, it's just what you would expect from an opposition party. Full backing and similar views of the main party.

Now the facts. Georgia attacked South Ossetia. South Ossetians are now refugees in shelters in RUSSIA! Not Georgia, so who was the aggressor? The Russians are simply helping their own people. Russia has every moral and legal right to support S.Ossetian and Abhazian independence.So what is US, EU and NATO's stance? Have they forgotten about Kosovo or choosen to forget at this time? Why is the press over here spewing out lies by deliberately standing by Saakashvili who on Thursday night claimed he would NOT attack, but did so only 3 hours later during a so called cease fire! Saakashvili attacked South Ossetia and killed 1400+ people including the elderly, young and vulnerable. Genocide! No covering up that then surely, and yet it is! It was pre planned prior to the Olympics to diffuse or play down the reality. Reuters, BBC, Fox News, CNN....Go on boys, show us what your all about. Keep spinning the BS! It's this cover blown wide open and so blatant, by the news that i have been waiting for.

Not all of Europe is anti Russian, far from it. I hope that that is understood. The UK, Europe, other parts of the world and even some free thinkers in the USA have read between the lines on this one. I personally want the international press reportaing bias to fall flat on it's twisted and greedy arse. Time for change, and it looks like were going to get it.

Just to see how deep this goes, look at the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia's Government website.
This site only came back up yesterday after being down all weekend. I assume they were most concerned with how they were going to set out their homepage following the deaths of 1400+ innocent civilians, that THEY killed in SO, but they don't mention anything negative or anything close to the truth. Saakashvili for trial! And all those involved.

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Media lies lies lies

Will the US help the Georgian government bring home troops from Iraq?

Just to highlight the sensitive nature of our media's complete and utter bull shit that it spews out on a daily basis it is worth considering what the true meaning behind this bloody battle is about:

U.S. tells Russia to pull forces out of Georgia
Fri Aug 8, 2008 5:36pm EDT

By Susan Cornwell and Sue Pleming

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States told Russia on Friday to withdraw its forces from U.S. ally Georgia and stop its air attacks on the tiny Caucasus state following fighting in the breakaway region of South Ossetia.

"We call on Russia to cease attacks on Georgia by aircraft and missiles, respect Georgia's territorial integrity, and withdraw its ground combat forces from Georgian soil," U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a statement.

Rice issued her statement as Georgia, a former Soviet state that now wants to join NATO, said it would declare martial law as it battled to get control of the rebel enclave, which was backed by Russian forces.

Both Rice and the White House urged an immediate cease-fire in South Ossetia, and U.S. officials said they would send an envoy to the region to help mediate.

As fighting raged in and around the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said Russia and Georgia were at war.

Rice said the United States was working actively with its European partners to launch international mediation, and "we urgently seek Russia's support of these efforts."

Diplomatic sources said the U.S. envoy would be Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Matthew Bryza, who is expected to join a mission that includes the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Georgia is at the center of a battle for influence between the United States and Russia in the Caucasus."

This is here :

Some responces to this from real people, some of which live closer and know more than we do about it:

"Monstrous lie! It's Artificial an information war against Russia. The war began with the invasion of Georgian military!"
alex, London

"Western news makers have taken Georgian Side(by Georgian Army have been killed almost 2 000 civilians in Tskhinvali and numbers will increase) which have broken peace just before the Olympic Game.

What you see on TV is Georgian troops which a policy maker stated as Russian because is easy to blame, because you the don’t see any difference between and you are easy to manipulate.
Don’t believe what you see, read between lines
Evil has to land to knell you"
Alan, Tskhinvali

There is a lot more of this here:

But here are a few more anyway as it becomes impossible to find these articles later:

"Might is Right!"

Isn't that the way humans have behaved for eons? The West or anyone else for that matter have NO right to judge & state whether Russia is right or wrong! After the recognition of Kosovo the precedent HAS been set. If South Ossetia becomes independent then that will be the way it is because that's the way the world (unfortunately) works.

At the cost of being repetitive NO COUNTRY can claim a 'Holier Than Thou' attitude. Many countries had imperialist pasts!

Who is pure?

[MaxMaxmilianMaximusI], Indian Caesar in, Singapore

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:12 GMT 12:12 UK

The Georgians start war when
- they have pulled in troops though agreed to truce
- Beijing Olimpics start
- Ms.Rice has visited them.
Mr.Saakashvili is clearly an immoral agressor now.
Abkhazians and S.Ossetians have won wars at 1980/90s verge mainly by their own efforts.
They wanted independence from Georgians the way Georgians wanted it from Russians.
Now they face army trained and supported by the West and need Russian help.
Russia is either to help them or loose its face.

Anatoly Kondra, Moscow, Russia

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 12:18 GMT 13:18 UK

"So Russia totally opposes the creation of an indepedent Kosova as being illegal, but backs the creation of an independent South Ossetia"

[Peter_Sym], Nottingham

So the US, UK, and certain EU countries totally oppose the creation of an independent South Ossetia but recognise the creation of an independent Kosovo.

Oh and theres no need to debate whether US, UK planes bombed Serbian civilian areas, there is more than enough footage and plane parts for all to see.

JL, London

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK

Kosovo tries to secede from Serbia - Serbia tries to stop it - NATO rolls in with blazing tomahawks and planes to stop it.

South Ossetia tries to secede from Georgia - Georgia tries to stop it - Russia rolls in with tanks to stop it.

What is the problem here other than double standards?

Marko, Belgrade

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:43 GMT 12:43 UK

Russia has every moral and legal right to support S.Ossetian an Abhazian independence. The precendent was set few months earlier by the US and EU.We just do the same you did with Kosovo

sanek, moscow, russia

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 17:41 GMT 18:41 UK

If the US, EU and NATO were so quick to recognise Kosovo's independence they should as well recognise South Ossetia's independence. Something tells me they will not! Is is because Russia is involved? Hypocrits!

Constantinos, Nicosia

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 17:33 GMT 18:33 UK

The Russian peacemakers in South Ossetia have the mandate of the United Nations. They were shot with the Georgian armies. Why nobody speaks about it?

Elena Solovey, Tbilisi, Georgia

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 17:35 GMT 18:35 UK

How can you justify the fact that Georgia used heavy artillery to bombard South Ossetia, killing more than a thousand civilians [1] and destroying the buildings? Do you really expect Russia to not do a thing when the civilians that were killed were actually citizens of the Russian Federation (not to mention the russian peacekeepers)?

[1]. ********

Serge M., Lithuania

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 12:47 GMT 13:47 UK

Calm down, my russian friends.
Not everyone in the EU is as anti-russian as crazy Mart from Estonia.
He hates Russia so much that he doesn't seem to realize that Ossetians are pro-russian.
Russian troops are entering South-Ossetia, planes have bombarded a military base near Tbilisi...
This Georgian attack is very well prepared and timed.
Since the Georgians are better prepared, they will have some success in the first fights against the Russians.
In the end, the russian army will prevail.

nicolas, brussels

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 12:50 GMT 13:50 UK

"When the first Russian peace keeper will be hurt, Moscow will retaliate and Georgia will realize that Ossetia and Abkhazia are loss forever."
[Yampat], Ittre, Belgium

Already several peace keepers were killed when their barracks were bombed by Georgian artellery. Now Russian tanks are reportedly entering the sieged city... about time too. SO and Abkhasia were lost by Georgia 20 years ago and frankly Georgia is on no position to force them to come back.

IF, Moscow

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:16 GMT 12:16 UK

The recent history of Georgia is full of violence. Since the break up of the Soviet Union they fought endless wars: first the civil war, war in Abkhazia, war in South Osetia, don't forget the Pankisi Gorge and then the new revolution. Quite a lot for a small country! The 'beacon of democracy' is not shining attractive enough for prople to come and join it. I am afraid that the country is doomed to be an unhappy banana republic of the same level as Honduras, Guatemala, Kosovo and many others...

Vodkin, Moscow

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:06 GMT 12:06 UK

South Ossetia has just been attacked. Georgia has delaclared war and shelled the SO capital. In the city there are civilians who are being killed by the shells. What kind of question is "Can South Osetia find peace"? Its not like they have lost the peace "oops where did I drop it?". There is a war now and peace will come after the war, unless international community does something to stop Georgia from attacking its neighbour. Hopefull Russia will put money where its mouth is and sends troops.

IF, Russia

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 17:45 GMT 18:45 UK

I am increasingly concerned at the attitude of the EU.

This is non of Europes business - & certainly no business of the UK.

Russia has been humiliated enough by the EU, & I doubt their patience will last much longer.

As Europe & UK rely on Russian gas (great forward planning there dear leaders) I suggest we keep our noses out - just for once.

Tony Curtis, Nottingham

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:38 GMT 12:38 UK

I lived in Georgia for 4 years and I think I understand the conflict better than most

The poor Georgians and Ossetians are caught between the desires of two superpowers: Russia and the US. Russia wants to maintain its influence in the area, the US wants to "wipe it off". Why in the world does NATO need to expand that far? When the Soviet Union collapsed the world appeared to be heading towards more peaceful times. Then, among other things, the US has sought to be the "boss" of the world.

Brian McFarlane, New York City

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:08 GMT 12:08 UK

Can a peaceful solution be found?
I dont think so. Diplomacy proved to be useless, now army should act! Saakashvili acted like Hitler, first stating that Georgia wants peace and 3 hours later attacking sleeping civilians at the eve of Olympic Games. In my opinion, Russia should do something to protect its citizens (most of them have russian passports), but it does absolutely nothing!! In 1999 we betrayed Serbs and now we do the same with Ossetians.

sanek, moscow, russia

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Thank you soo so much Reuters and many other media companies for finally being so bold as to show your true colours !! :D

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What a guy

Gordon Brown will be in charge of the government this summer even while he is away on holiday, his spokesman says.

Says it all really.

Gordon Is right in it

Gordon Brown further selling us more tripe

20th July 2008 Brown in Palestine offers £30,000,000 in aid

Don't worry about the recession back home Gordon... Or your incompetent Chancellor.
No you stlye it out making yourself look good, spending our money you havn't even accounted for yet. And because there was such a huge audience you start giving out hand signals showing your intent.

New World Order

Gordon Brown sells us the New World Order

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9 of the 911 Hijackers are still alive

Building engulfed in flames.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Gordon Brown and the theft of pensions

About time this was published. More truths on the man who recently would only be interviewed on t.v. by ten year olds about their points of view and who shouldn't be P.M...Ever!

"Like a two-bob mugger at a sink-estate bus-stop, Gordon Brown has been caught with his hand in the pensioner's purse.

But, unlike the hoodie whose wildest dream might be a few quid to buy crack, the Chancellor doesn't deal in petty cash.

No, sir. When Mr Brown goes on the rampage, he does it for proper money. The Clunking Fist lifts out billions. His victims have their retirement savings raided again and again and again.

Mr Brown is the Mr Big of Britain's pensions disaster. That doesn't mean, however, that the Chancellor hasn't learnt a trick or two from low-life criminals. He has.

When nabbed, his first reaction was to deny everything. Inconvenient truths were robustly rejected. "What me? Stealing pensions? Don't be ridiculous. I wasn't there."

Unfortunately for him, official papers released late on Friday, under what he must have hoped would be the cover of darkness, reveal Mr Brown's full complicity in the Great Pensions Robbery.

Caught by the administrative equivalent of a CCTV camera, Mr Brown's desperate attempt at self-exculpation led him to blame everyone but himself. "Not me, guv".

The Chancellor didn't say he was bullied at school and unloved by his family, but had that been a plausible option to mitigate guilt, I'm sure he would have grabbed it.

With Mr Brown overseas, his department's minions were sent out to defend the indefensible. Their efforts at getting the boss off the hook were as risible as they were duplicitous.

First, the near collapse of our final-salary occupational pension system (once the envy of the world) was all to do with "the dotcom crash". Later, Ed Balls, Mr Brown's arch gofer at the Treasury, blamed Norman Lamont. Remember him? If this is what passes for serious analysis of a pensions crisis that has destroyed long-term savings and jeopardised the future of millions of hard-working people, Mr Balls is not fit to run a Commons coffee bar, much less the nation's coffers.

Back in 1997, while Mr Brown was scheming to plunder private pensions for about £5 billion a year, he was warned in the clearest possible terms by the Inland Revenue that the proposed raid would "make a big hole in pension scheme finances", creating a shortfall of up to £75 billion.

He was further alerted to the fact that many of the hardest hit would be those who could least afford a blighted pension. Either the Chancellor was too stupid to see this or he didn't care. Not even Mr Brown's worst enemies (the queue is getting longer) believe he is thick. We must infer, therefore, that the arriviste at No 11, an old-fashioned socialist in New Labour wrapping, was interested only in sucking up as much revenue as he could.

He wasn't worried about private pensions, because he hates private. Private means that those who save and look after themselves need show no obeisance to the state.

They do not have to crawl to the Chancellor for his means-tested hand-outs. They are free from his obsessive meddling in other people's lives. Therefore, they must be battered into submission by the Clunking Fist. Stalin would have approved.

Before our occupational pension funds were cashed by Mr Brown, about 90 per cent of them offered defined benefits. In other words, they were a promise to pay a fixed percentage of final salary.

Once the full force of Brown's brutalisation kicked in - it took about three years before the pain started to become very obvious - a system of which we were rightly proud began to fall apart.

Today, only about one in 10 corporate pensions is final salary. Pensioners have been switched into defined contributions schemes, which are generally much less generous.

It's true that the Chancellor is not solely to blame for the unravelling of our retirement schemes. In the 1980s and 1990s, many companies were so complacent about funds being in surplus that they took "pensions holidays": they simply stopped paying in. That action now looks almost criminally negligent.

A sharp rise in life expectancy has also played a part. The longer that pensioners hang around, drawing from the pot, the harder it is for funds to be confident about meeting future obligations.

But all that pales alongside the Chancellor's decision to pay for his profligate spending spree on unreformed public services in part with the money of millions of pensioners.

No wonder Mr Brown refused to appear on my recent documentary for ITV, Where's My Pension Gone? No wonder he fought for two years to keep secret the warnings he had received about pilfering our pensions. No wonder when there are tricky questions to be answered about the annihilation of privately-funded retirement schemes, he's never there.

Mr Brown, of course, has bigger things on his mind. His personal sat-nav is fixed on No 10.

But when he gets there, as seems likely, he will discover that in the end, once all the spin and bluster have lost their potency, a man's reputation reflects the absolute reality of what he is.

For all his intellectual pretensions, Mr Brown is a flim-flam man - and the voters now know that."

Thanks to Jeff Randall @ The Telegraph for this article. Link: Pensions mugger Brown has been rumbled.

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Debt... Who is to blame?

Interesting proposal by the ifs School of Finance. A competition offering a vast amount of money in the region of £250 to play their pawn game and come up with fresh ideas that they either can't or just to find out how aware youths are today by writting an article in no more than 1500 words answering; "Who is responsible for the UK consumer debt mountain?"

Only for those between 14 and 19 who think they can write a business article and win the £250 jackpot! (See yts scheme, immigration and cheap slave labour for further reference)

The article must be written in a business magazine style and entries will be judged by Robert Cole, deputy business editor for..."The Times", who will award marks for good reporting style, demonstrating research, evaluation, analysis and written argument skills.

Gary Millner, corporate relations and communications director at the ifs School of Finance, said: "This competition is not only great for young people with an interest in business, it's suitable for any young person to enter. It's a thought provoking question and I'm sure we will receive many different views from young people across the UK."

I'm sure they will... Leaving the most promising ideas out to play with themselves over the course of the next year.

Age discrimination aside , i doubt the real reason will be publicly aired or issues even raised by 14 to 19 year olds, but i wouldn't rule it out completely. The culprits would be the unknown elite who are behind the private companies, who own the Federal Reserve Board and teh Governments who appoint the faces they publicaly expose as the head of them, in the public eye. Banks also. Then there's those who force products on us from the helm of capitalist conglomerates who are as much to blame as the people who are led like lambs to the slaughter to buy everything that is advertised as things we all 'suposedly' need., and were back at banks again! See for more on this and why it will continue until the masses wake up. Further reading at Wikipedia here: Fiat currency

There are in fact numerous articles about this on the internet. If ye seek ye shall find, just do a little digging.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bloggers' truth making my job harder!

"Tony Blair's outgoing chief strategy adviser fears the internet could be fuelling a "crisis" in the relationship between politicians and voters.

Matthew Taylor - who stressed he was speaking as a "citizen" not a government spokesman - said the web could be "fantastic" for democracy. "

Link to article here at the BBC

"We have a citizenry which can be caricatured as being increasingly unwilling to be governed but not yet capable of self-government," Mr Taylor told the audience.

Like "teenagers", people were demanding, but "conflicted" about what they actually wanted, he argued.

"They wanted sustainability, for example, but not higher fuel prices, affordable homes for their children but not new housing developments in their town or village.

'Impoverished relationship'

But rather than work out these dilemmas in partnership with their elected leaders, they were encouraged to regard all politicians as corrupt or "mendacious" by the media, which he described as "a conspiracy to maintain the population in a perpetual state of self-righteous rage".

Maybe if we were all deviod of our own thoughts

"Whether media was left wing or right wing, the message was always that "leaders are out there to shaft you".

Right on the money there Matt

"At a time at which we need a richer relationship between politicians and citizens than we have ever had, to confront the shared challenges we face, arguably we have a more impoverished relationship between politicians and citizens than we have ever had.

"It seems to me this is something which is worth calling a crisis....

The internet is part of that crisis".

"The internet has immense potential but we face a real problem if the main way in which that potential expresses itself is through allowing citizens to participate in a shrill discourse of demands."

Yes exposing truth is way off the mark on our part.

"If you look at the way in which citizens are using technology and the way that is growing up, there are worrying signs that that is the case.

What is the big breakthrough, in terms of politics, on the web in the last few years? It's basically blogs which are, generally speaking, hostile and, generally speaking, basically see their job as every day exposing how venal, stupid, mendacious politicians are."

Incredible isn't it. Instead of taking notes on points of view from unbiased sources it is spun out in the form of an attack on individual expression. Now the political circus act fears there's a breakdown between the electorate and themselves because unaccountable blogging that isn't bought or regulated by them can't be controlled.

There always was but thick skin and obnoxious attitudes ignored it. If Matthew Taylor, Blair's chief strategy adviser wants positive points lets see positive acts.
It's impossible to go back. You can't undo what is done and the mistakes made should be made more public and scrutinized. Our problem is not knowing where to start. There's ream of this stuff to pick at and that's exactly what we'll do.

"The internet is being used as a tool of mobilisation, which is fantastic, but it only adds to the growing, incommensurate nature of the demands being made on government."

Demands for politicians to listen and do a job without all the bullshit, spin, corruption and propaganda?

He challenged the online community to provide more opportunities for "people to try to understand the real trade-offs that politicians face and the real dilemmas that citizens face".
Get of your pedestals and realise your supposed to be doing a job for us, the people not citizens in a grade or tier system similar to something resembling George Orwel's Animal Farm against a hierarchy, and face up to the fact we can now have an honest debate on how if you, and you have screwed it up we can take that away.

We won't ignore the problems created, side step around it and pretend it never happened no matter what force is applied to brush it under the carpet. Blogs are here to stay and the more greedy politicians get, their mistakes and wrongdoings become evermore transparent feeding us, the bloggers with more than we could ever write about.