Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gordon' Brown and the new gaf

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown says there is "no justification" for Russia's military
action in Georgia.
He also was quoted as saying:"Continued aggression against Georgia - and especially an
escalation of the conflict beyond South Ossetia - will only serve to damage Russia's
international reputation"

Oh the irony! If only he stopped to look at himself for just a moment. Let's reflect for a few moments what exactly this guy and his party have done while on their watch.

Iraq, Afganistan, possibly Iran, (which looks likely at this time).

Even David Cameron has got involved and should be embarrassed. Not even worth quoting him to be honest, it's just what you would expect from an opposition party. Full backing and similar views of the main party.

Now the facts. Georgia attacked South Ossetia. South Ossetians are now refugees in shelters in RUSSIA! Not Georgia, so who was the aggressor? The Russians are simply helping their own people. Russia has every moral and legal right to support S.Ossetian and Abhazian independence.So what is US, EU and NATO's stance? Have they forgotten about Kosovo or choosen to forget at this time? Why is the press over here spewing out lies by deliberately standing by Saakashvili who on Thursday night claimed he would NOT attack, but did so only 3 hours later during a so called cease fire! Saakashvili attacked South Ossetia and killed 1400+ people including the elderly, young and vulnerable. Genocide! No covering up that then surely, and yet it is! It was pre planned prior to the Olympics to diffuse or play down the reality. Reuters, BBC, Fox News, CNN....Go on boys, show us what your all about. Keep spinning the BS! It's this cover blown wide open and so blatant, by the news that i have been waiting for.

Not all of Europe is anti Russian, far from it. I hope that that is understood. The UK, Europe, other parts of the world and even some free thinkers in the USA have read between the lines on this one. I personally want the international press reportaing bias to fall flat on it's twisted and greedy arse. Time for change, and it looks like were going to get it.

Just to see how deep this goes, look at the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia's Government website. http://www.mfa.gov.ge/
This site only came back up yesterday after being down all weekend. I assume they were most concerned with how they were going to set out their homepage following the deaths of 1400+ innocent civilians, that THEY killed in SO, but they don't mention anything negative or anything close to the truth. Saakashvili for trial! And all those involved.


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