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Media lies lies lies

Will the US help the Georgian government bring home troops from Iraq?

Just to highlight the sensitive nature of our media's complete and utter bull shit that it spews out on a daily basis it is worth considering what the true meaning behind this bloody battle is about:

U.S. tells Russia to pull forces out of Georgia
Fri Aug 8, 2008 5:36pm EDT

By Susan Cornwell and Sue Pleming

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States told Russia on Friday to withdraw its forces from U.S. ally Georgia and stop its air attacks on the tiny Caucasus state following fighting in the breakaway region of South Ossetia.

"We call on Russia to cease attacks on Georgia by aircraft and missiles, respect Georgia's territorial integrity, and withdraw its ground combat forces from Georgian soil," U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a statement.

Rice issued her statement as Georgia, a former Soviet state that now wants to join NATO, said it would declare martial law as it battled to get control of the rebel enclave, which was backed by Russian forces.

Both Rice and the White House urged an immediate cease-fire in South Ossetia, and U.S. officials said they would send an envoy to the region to help mediate.

As fighting raged in and around the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said Russia and Georgia were at war.

Rice said the United States was working actively with its European partners to launch international mediation, and "we urgently seek Russia's support of these efforts."

Diplomatic sources said the U.S. envoy would be Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Matthew Bryza, who is expected to join a mission that includes the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Georgia is at the center of a battle for influence between the United States and Russia in the Caucasus."

This is here :

Some responces to this from real people, some of which live closer and know more than we do about it:

"Monstrous lie! It's Artificial an information war against Russia. The war began with the invasion of Georgian military!"
alex, London

"Western news makers have taken Georgian Side(by Georgian Army have been killed almost 2 000 civilians in Tskhinvali and numbers will increase) which have broken peace just before the Olympic Game.

What you see on TV is Georgian troops which a policy maker stated as Russian because is easy to blame, because you the don’t see any difference between and you are easy to manipulate.
Don’t believe what you see, read between lines
Evil has to land to knell you"
Alan, Tskhinvali

There is a lot more of this here:

But here are a few more anyway as it becomes impossible to find these articles later:

"Might is Right!"

Isn't that the way humans have behaved for eons? The West or anyone else for that matter have NO right to judge & state whether Russia is right or wrong! After the recognition of Kosovo the precedent HAS been set. If South Ossetia becomes independent then that will be the way it is because that's the way the world (unfortunately) works.

At the cost of being repetitive NO COUNTRY can claim a 'Holier Than Thou' attitude. Many countries had imperialist pasts!

Who is pure?

[MaxMaxmilianMaximusI], Indian Caesar in, Singapore

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The Georgians start war when
- they have pulled in troops though agreed to truce
- Beijing Olimpics start
- Ms.Rice has visited them.
Mr.Saakashvili is clearly an immoral agressor now.
Abkhazians and S.Ossetians have won wars at 1980/90s verge mainly by their own efforts.
They wanted independence from Georgians the way Georgians wanted it from Russians.
Now they face army trained and supported by the West and need Russian help.
Russia is either to help them or loose its face.

Anatoly Kondra, Moscow, Russia

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"So Russia totally opposes the creation of an indepedent Kosova as being illegal, but backs the creation of an independent South Ossetia"

[Peter_Sym], Nottingham

So the US, UK, and certain EU countries totally oppose the creation of an independent South Ossetia but recognise the creation of an independent Kosovo.

Oh and theres no need to debate whether US, UK planes bombed Serbian civilian areas, there is more than enough footage and plane parts for all to see.

JL, London

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK

Kosovo tries to secede from Serbia - Serbia tries to stop it - NATO rolls in with blazing tomahawks and planes to stop it.

South Ossetia tries to secede from Georgia - Georgia tries to stop it - Russia rolls in with tanks to stop it.

What is the problem here other than double standards?

Marko, Belgrade

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:43 GMT 12:43 UK

Russia has every moral and legal right to support S.Ossetian an Abhazian independence. The precendent was set few months earlier by the US and EU.We just do the same you did with Kosovo

sanek, moscow, russia

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If the US, EU and NATO were so quick to recognise Kosovo's independence they should as well recognise South Ossetia's independence. Something tells me they will not! Is is because Russia is involved? Hypocrits!

Constantinos, Nicosia

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The Russian peacemakers in South Ossetia have the mandate of the United Nations. They were shot with the Georgian armies. Why nobody speaks about it?

Elena Solovey, Tbilisi, Georgia

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How can you justify the fact that Georgia used heavy artillery to bombard South Ossetia, killing more than a thousand civilians [1] and destroying the buildings? Do you really expect Russia to not do a thing when the civilians that were killed were actually citizens of the Russian Federation (not to mention the russian peacekeepers)?

[1]. ********

Serge M., Lithuania

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Calm down, my russian friends.
Not everyone in the EU is as anti-russian as crazy Mart from Estonia.
He hates Russia so much that he doesn't seem to realize that Ossetians are pro-russian.
Russian troops are entering South-Ossetia, planes have bombarded a military base near Tbilisi...
This Georgian attack is very well prepared and timed.
Since the Georgians are better prepared, they will have some success in the first fights against the Russians.
In the end, the russian army will prevail.

nicolas, brussels

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"When the first Russian peace keeper will be hurt, Moscow will retaliate and Georgia will realize that Ossetia and Abkhazia are loss forever."
[Yampat], Ittre, Belgium

Already several peace keepers were killed when their barracks were bombed by Georgian artellery. Now Russian tanks are reportedly entering the sieged city... about time too. SO and Abkhasia were lost by Georgia 20 years ago and frankly Georgia is on no position to force them to come back.

IF, Moscow

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The recent history of Georgia is full of violence. Since the break up of the Soviet Union they fought endless wars: first the civil war, war in Abkhazia, war in South Osetia, don't forget the Pankisi Gorge and then the new revolution. Quite a lot for a small country! The 'beacon of democracy' is not shining attractive enough for prople to come and join it. I am afraid that the country is doomed to be an unhappy banana republic of the same level as Honduras, Guatemala, Kosovo and many others...

Vodkin, Moscow

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South Ossetia has just been attacked. Georgia has delaclared war and shelled the SO capital. In the city there are civilians who are being killed by the shells. What kind of question is "Can South Osetia find peace"? Its not like they have lost the peace "oops where did I drop it?". There is a war now and peace will come after the war, unless international community does something to stop Georgia from attacking its neighbour. Hopefull Russia will put money where its mouth is and sends troops.

IF, Russia

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I am increasingly concerned at the attitude of the EU.

This is non of Europes business - & certainly no business of the UK.

Russia has been humiliated enough by the EU, & I doubt their patience will last much longer.

As Europe & UK rely on Russian gas (great forward planning there dear leaders) I suggest we keep our noses out - just for once.

Tony Curtis, Nottingham

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Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 11:38 GMT 12:38 UK

I lived in Georgia for 4 years and I think I understand the conflict better than most

The poor Georgians and Ossetians are caught between the desires of two superpowers: Russia and the US. Russia wants to maintain its influence in the area, the US wants to "wipe it off". Why in the world does NATO need to expand that far? When the Soviet Union collapsed the world appeared to be heading towards more peaceful times. Then, among other things, the US has sought to be the "boss" of the world.

Brian McFarlane, New York City

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Can a peaceful solution be found?
I dont think so. Diplomacy proved to be useless, now army should act! Saakashvili acted like Hitler, first stating that Georgia wants peace and 3 hours later attacking sleeping civilians at the eve of Olympic Games. In my opinion, Russia should do something to protect its citizens (most of them have russian passports), but it does absolutely nothing!! In 1999 we betrayed Serbs and now we do the same with Ossetians.

sanek, moscow, russia

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Thank you soo so much Reuters and many other media companies for finally being so bold as to show your true colours !! :D


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