Saturday, January 06, 2007

Debt... Who is to blame?

Interesting proposal by the ifs School of Finance. A competition offering a vast amount of money in the region of £250 to play their pawn game and come up with fresh ideas that they either can't or just to find out how aware youths are today by writting an article in no more than 1500 words answering; "Who is responsible for the UK consumer debt mountain?"

Only for those between 14 and 19 who think they can write a business article and win the £250 jackpot! (See yts scheme, immigration and cheap slave labour for further reference)

The article must be written in a business magazine style and entries will be judged by Robert Cole, deputy business editor for..."The Times", who will award marks for good reporting style, demonstrating research, evaluation, analysis and written argument skills.

Gary Millner, corporate relations and communications director at the ifs School of Finance, said: "This competition is not only great for young people with an interest in business, it's suitable for any young person to enter. It's a thought provoking question and I'm sure we will receive many different views from young people across the UK."

I'm sure they will... Leaving the most promising ideas out to play with themselves over the course of the next year.

Age discrimination aside , i doubt the real reason will be publicly aired or issues even raised by 14 to 19 year olds, but i wouldn't rule it out completely. The culprits would be the unknown elite who are behind the private companies, who own the Federal Reserve Board and teh Governments who appoint the faces they publicaly expose as the head of them, in the public eye. Banks also. Then there's those who force products on us from the helm of capitalist conglomerates who are as much to blame as the people who are led like lambs to the slaughter to buy everything that is advertised as things we all 'suposedly' need., and were back at banks again! See for more on this and why it will continue until the masses wake up. Further reading at Wikipedia here: Fiat currency

There are in fact numerous articles about this on the internet. If ye seek ye shall find, just do a little digging.



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