Thursday, October 19, 2006


Why oh why is this debate still going on?
Aishah Azmi, 23, a musim classroom was suspended from a school because pupils couldn't understand her properly.

Children as a whole learn how to communicate with sound and expression which is impossible to do if all but your eyes are visible to see. Maybe if Mrs Azmi is any good at her job she could teach blind and visually impaired kids as it would hardly matter, just so long as when she speaks, she does it showing a tad more character, personalty and emotion than her 15 minutes of fame on the television. Doesn't seem to me like the kind of woman i would like to be teaching my kids anyway... Is that discriminating? Nope, just my opinion and many others it would seem (seeing as official figures claim islam to only make up only 3% of Britain. This figure is way off the mark so how many are here illegally or failed to speak up for whatever reason).
Here's an individual so hell bent on personal beliefs it would be hard to deny that this wouldn't keep bobbing up on the surface of her 'teachings'.
I'm sorry, but i'm a little confused here. The Koran has been interpreted as saying the primary reason for women to wear a veil and conceal themselves is to prevent evil and sexual advances from men thousands of years ago. What kind of thought's are these children supposed to be having seeing this individuals' face? Lewd and of a sexual nature? Thought's of rape and pilage?

Mrs Azmi also believes politician's are making a rod for their own back too.
"Muslim women who wear the veils are not aliens, and politicians need to recognise that what they say can have a very dangerous impact on the lives of the minorities they treat as outcasts."
And minorities playing the race card over an issue that has no place in our society isn't? Would you open the door if i came knocking with a balaclava on?

She continues...
"I will continue to uphold my religious beliefs and urge Muslims to engage in dialogue with the wider community, despite the attacks that are being made upon them."
Not a bad idea providing this statement is meant with good intentions and you can understand them. Or even want to. Not sure what she means by the attacks made upon them, but biting the hand that feeds comes to mind.

Mrs Azmi lost her claim of religious discrimination at a tribunal. Her claims of religious discrimination and harassment on religious grounds were overuled, but Kirklees Council in Dewsbury, West Yorks, was ordered to pay her £1,100 for victimising her. And she wants more! She intends to appeal against the decision to dismiss her religious discrimination claims. I'd like to know her thoughts on Israel and how muslims dismiss that. So where is the compensation Nadia Eweida, 55, (who has been suspended from British Airways for wearing a cross) should now be reiceiving?

She goes on to say
"fearful of the consequences for Muslim women in this country who want to work".
I think she can leave the concerns and fears for the taxpayers to once again pick up the tab.



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